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Loving a twilight star !!!


I still remember reading about a twilight star, in one of those many english classes in school. From then on …somehow TWILIGHTSTAR got etched in my memory. So here’s my first post dedicated to the twilightstar…

it is always the first star that rises with the moon, being there for the moon when it is all alone… the moon rejoices in her company… consuming all the love and devotion she showers so generously .. and just as the  star begins to think the moon to be hers…. others appear…and there she stands lost among the millions….waiting… for another evening with her moon.. will the moon ever realise what he has done ??

p.s i know the moon is always referred to as HER/SHE but here i want it to be a HE.. please dont mind it.. 😉



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

2 thoughts on “Loving a twilight star !!!

  1. Your style of writting is really cute and it reflects on your personality as a first impression. Try to sort out your ideas, so that when you are writting something, you stay on track. All in all you seem like a very happy writters. I like happy writters 🙂


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