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I believe Ms. Tripadvisor to be my husband’s first love….she always was..and is one among the  many reasons for my husband being what he is, a walking travelogue… 😦 Even a night out at dining is planned as per her suggestions… So on Eid when he had a day off… Ms.tripadvisor made our itinerary, and off we were on our way to sunset mall , jumeirah… Itis a very dormant mall i must say,the eruptions were from the challenge chambers alone… Since it was our first time and to save ourselves from the impending embarrassements if any, we booked the simplest of the challenges. Also because , the briefing of the chambers gave us visions of serial killers attacking us and and goons closing in on us… The escape chambers had two games … Named Kidnapped and 13th victim. This was a one hr challenge , there was also another one hr challenge the mystery challenge,as the name suggests you had to solve a mystry… Btw we are planning to get kidnapped next 🙂 anyways we settled in for being TRAPPED….. We were to be locked in a small room  from which we had to get out in 30 min…our instructor very happily asked us to use our brains( mine had begun to rust,sitting at home )and warned us not to start fighting  ” this is just a game ” he said. We looked at each other.. I mean we are a team…. We wouldnt fight… Silly man !!! But yes there were people waiting outside …. And they would know …. They would hear us knocking on the door to let us out.. How embarassing !!! and telling the instructor that we would let ourselves out and that we wouldnt require any assistance,we began our challenge… We were expecting a treasure hunt kind of challenge but that wasnt the case … We had to find the clues and solve them ourselves,i mean there wasnt any particular order as such. My husband found the first one and then it began to rain leads … The only problem was ,they wernt making any sense… We were trapped 😦 we could see the timer ticking by… And  as the instructor said the blame game started… I finally left the decoding part to my husband , he was good at all this not me. 😕 .. And started searching for missing links if any… And finally among the pages of a book i found it…… Our missing link 🙂  we had to open a drawer and inside that there was a mobile( the decoding part was here , and without the mobile, no wonder we were stuck )  Yippieee…we made it …finally. 🙂  such relief,i must say…. Promising our instructor  another visit soon.. We left the mall…thrilled !!!
If she can promise me all the fun i had that day and also explore places ,

activities ,i never knew existed.. I  his  first love can stay… after all 😉



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