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A promise ….


she always felt that fragrance, it was so familiar yet she never knew where it came from.. just that… it was always around her whenever she felt lonely, the gentle breeze brought it to her.. there was someone  for her always !!!

she was walking down the stairs when her dress caught under her feet and she slipped…. she never fell, there was suddenly someone to hold her…when she turned ….she was alone !!!

she often drifted to her dream world.. it was so calm ,so beautiful .. she liked staying there.. there were dreams of a man, her man… smiling at her…dreams of a cottage,their cottage, in a distant land, she was so happy, he took care of her,he was hers and she .. his !!! she used to wake up from her dreams feeling exited …. waiting.. for that day when she could finally see him !!!

her dad rang her up, she was to go to his friends house with him… his long lost friend…. the last time they met , she was five !!! they had moved away…and somehow lost touch…  her dad ran into him a week back. As she was entering the house she felt it.. the smell… she felt a strange sense of despair this time what could it be ??.. And then she saw ,it was a photo of him… it was him , her man…she looked at her father’s friend.. he asked her “don’t you remember him, the two of you were inseparable ” .. then it was tears that she saw ,an accident, it had cost her, her LOVE !!! . She remembered her childhood friend,he was an year older,they had made a promise to be there for each other always…with a heavy heart she realised all those  smiles,the happiness ,her dreams were never to happen .HE will never come… a tear drop fell on her cheek…. she turned around…. the familiar fragrance …it  was fading away !!!



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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