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a love letter !!!

di and me

this is a letter i wrote to my husband as a blog post on our anniversary..i am just copy pasting it here…he is one of those few treasures i have and i really want this post here !!! thats all 🙂 WARNING !!! high emotional content ….. 😉

to my dearest diii,

April 7, 2013, the day we got year into our marriage and i still feel the same excitement , the same nervousness every evening when i run to the door to let you in. The only  thing that has and will ever change is my love …!!! Being by my side and walking me through all those lows, for having faith,for never being angry even once. Whenever i am wrong , whenever i have hurt you…  the way you u make me laugh, i forget everything. No matter how lazy you are, how much ever careless you become and even if i have to keep running behind you setting things right….. to me you are the cutest person ever !! When you become the kid  i have to watch,playing around, with that twinkle in your eye.  Oh! i love it soo much !! 

I want to thank you for letting me sleep late into the day, for eating all that i cook , for eating out when i feel lazy myself, for getting me shawarmas everyday, for taking me to all those stupid movies i want to watch even if there is’nt a single person in the theater but us ! For buying me all that i want..for promising  to take me to Santorini 😉 for doing all those crazy things i ask you to do…. for trusting me, believing in me…and being so outright honest with me dii…. this is just the beginning…. 60 more april 7ths and i want us to be just like this falling in love head over heels again   !! ahh the smile 🙂 !!!!!

lots of love

shruti 🙂



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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