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POTPOURRI, a little bit of Shruti !!! #1

hello everyone,

First of all a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of you !!! 🙂 . I  wanted to do a post on  friendship today but  was very busy and could not  come up with anything interesting. 😦 So i thought maybe i will post a list of those things which are a part of me and also have fragments of my memories attached to them . Getting to know more of me ,specially on this day ,i think is a good idea . 🙂 don’t you think so too guys ? okay lets start but before that i would like to tell you something i have taken the pics in my room so you might see a lot of red and also the same background 😦 sorry about that.



1. A small part of my earring collection. I am crazy about earrings specially those long ones, while coming to the UAE from India i could bring along only so many 😦 . I have this habit of buying earrings from all those places i visit and i absolutely adore them. Some of them have been with me  since 2003 🙂 , and they definitely are an integral part of my life . 


2. My mp3 player has been my companion since 2009 ,a gift from my dad. It has all my favourite songs till date ,songs that can either bring smiles to my face or tears . i always carry it with me wherever i go . 🙂


3. My perfume at the moment 🙂 i  use only one perfume at a time, because i believe that fragrance should be consistent as it gradually  becomes our identity. This one here is also a gift from my best friend and hence EXTRA SPECIAL 🙂 


4. My favourite lipstick of them all, i love the bubblegum pink shade it gives to my lips 🙂 . whenever i am happy and going out i wear these !!! 


5. I am one of those few crazy people who need a blanket to sleep even if its freaking hot . I just can’t manage to  sleep without it and cannot use any other blanket  either !!! 😦

IMG_20140803_144335 (1)

6. It is said that for your first anniversary you gift each other  paper , i mean something made of paper and so i got this from my husband  , i still remember the expression on his face when he was giving me this , it sits by the side of my bed now btw 🙂


7.  I am a person who loves colour ,it makes me feel bright and happy !!!  Therefore these get a 10 / 10 from me . 😉


8. This isn’t exactly a diary but a rough copy of my blog posts,  where i scribble ,make my to do list ,things like that . I do keep a diary,a fancier one. But at the moment this gets all my attention. My husband says i am crazy ‘cuz i have even named him 😉 the name is Dhruv …


9. Finally the last of my list for the day, my new tab , xperia z2. This was my husband’s gift when i cleared the licensing exam to practise here in UAE . There are no words to describe  and i am absolutely in love with it!!!! 😛

okay so that was a little bit of me, i could have added one more to the list to make it 10 but again i love the number 3 and its multiples .

once again wishing you all a very happy friendship day , will see you soon with another post till then








I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

5 thoughts on “POTPOURRI, a little bit of Shruti !!! #1

  1. #1, 3, 5 strike a chord with me. I also have a ton of earrings and love shopping for them in India, or all around Asia. Totally agree that fragrance forms identity and I’m the same way when it comes to being consistent. For certain Asians we think that to sleep without a blanket gives you an upset stomach!

    Cute post


    1. Well as i said my earrings , and the mp3 player , they have been there with me for quite some time and besides these are only a few of my favourite thigs , couldnt carry much while coming !! 😞


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