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Deva and Rani …


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They were sisters born 5 years apart. They absolutely loved and adored each other , though growing out of  silly arguments, fights and spans of cold war wasn’t that easy. They had become the best of friends , partners in crime 😉 and always looked forward to those late night chats ,gossips, movies ,singing ,dancing, hanging out together, parlour visits and all that which sisters did .  They enjoyed each other’s company , it made their parents happy . Years passed ,they never realised….. Deva was getting married soon ,all the excitement of being the bride to be, she could share with her sister.
Invitations,preparations,shopping, grooming, friends,relatives, so much fun and finally it was the wedding day. Deva was so happy seeing her dream transform into reality ,then she saw  her little sister ,her Rani, who had grown ,really grown ” my baby looks so beautiful ” 🙂 she thought and in a second her   childhood was dancing before her eyes, she smiled .
She was a wife now , her husband  beside her ,such a wonderful man ( *she blushed* ) . The car was waiting ,her new life was waiting ! And then she was experiencing another emotion ,a sad one , she hugged Rani tight and held on ,a drop of tear fell . Rani understood, seeing her sister leaving she realised something …things will never be the same again and she started crying .



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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