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How a diabetic foot can earn you money :-0


hi guys,

I have been having this idea of dedicating a category  for all those inspiring and amusing incidents i came across in the wonderful journey of me being a dentist . The posts in this category ” a doctor’s diary ” are of course on a broader perspective ,  including stories i have heard from my mother  and sister as well ( they are both in the medical profession  🙂 ) . Hope you find them interesting .

Today i want to introduce you to  a man from  rural part of south India ( that is where my college was ,it still is ). Though diabetes is commonly said to be a rich man’s disease, it can affect the poor man too but for him it can at times  come as a blessing 😦 well that is exactly how it was for our protagonist 🙂 . Now, i would also like to bring to your attention that my college due to its remote location,was known for its scarcity of patients and therefore the few who came were practically worshipped and pampered ,thanks to us 🙂

Our third year university exams were fast approaching and model practicals were going on. The day before general medicine practicals, our professor had set up clinical session to show us  some cases . That is when i first saw him, he was in his fifties , shabby and dishevelled yet very happy. He was flaunting his foot as if he had just been asked to give an interview . He was our first patient and we were all  standing nervously around his bed clutching pens and notebooks to scribble everything sir mentioned, that would come in handy . He just sat there enjoying all the attention his foot gave him 🙂 . Okay now let me show you something


This is a diabetic foot and  this was’nt how his foot looked like it was even worse . Would anyone in their right mind go around flaunting feet like these , he did . It was his boon , for people living in the rural India, in not so economically sound regions, earning 1500 rupees per day for nothing (don’t get me wrong , to him it  was ) and tips the doctors to be ( that would be us 😉 ) gave  was indeed an opportunity they wouldn’t miss . Food was provided too ,free 🙂 . There were treatments of course but he wasn’t willing to be treated even if it was for zero charge 😦 . Our professor informed us that he had been having it for a real long time ,the worse it got , the happier he was . I felt sorry for  his ignorance but that was how it was and no amount of health education would change that i suppose.

The only treatment he agreed to was daily dressings and occasionally would get himself admitted. Rest of the two years that i was in college i ran into him a number of times , the same him ,the same neatly dressed foot,walking around .Every time our paths crossed he had a smile on his face , only the satisfaction of  recognition can give  !!!





I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

12 thoughts on “How a diabetic foot can earn you money :-0

  1. What an amazing story. I have diabetes (Type 2). I hope that I never reach this stage. I keep myself very fit and I maintain a good diet. Well, I confess to a few transgressions.

    But I can understand this man’s point of view. I have travelled to around eighty countries in my life. I have witnessed some horrific practices, including beggars who will sever the limb of one of their children to gain more sympathy and more pennies for the pot. So this man’s approach is mild compared to some, and, as you say, he was happy.

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      1. I am going to my annual diabetes clinic this afternoon with my GP, who is the diabetes specialist in the practice. She sees hundreds of diabetes patients and I am very proud when she tells me that I am “Top of the class!”
        I laughed when she first said it and told me that she wanted a life-size poster of me on the waiting room wall. But she said that she was serious. Most of her patients have put on weight, accumulated more problems and require more medication and interventions.
        So she will be happy to see me.
        I think that she is wonderful too, by the way! 🙂


      1. Yup I can understand Shruti 🙂 The concern is that I am also not giving much consideration to it, though I should. I always think I will do morning walk and blah blah but that day never comes. I start jogging for few days and then get back to our routine life… This is actually bad….


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