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Hello everyone 🙂

Last year in July we had gone on a trip to Puducherry ( India ). There is a place called Pichavaram , approximately 60 km from Puducherry ,where the second largest mangrove forest in the world is situated . I would like to tell you guys that more than the beauty of puducherry  itself , it was the mangroves that swept us off our feet !!! Though we weren’t supposed to be taking our motorbike outside the district ,we managed it , getting there would have been a problem otherwise . I guess the authorities weren’t that strict after all . So guys here is Pichavaram for you .


We were allotted a guide because there were chances one might get lost . For the ticket we bought at the counter he would only give us a superficial tour , so we paid him an extra 300 Indian rupees and he was ready to take us inside the mangroves , a whole 4 hr trip . And so our ride began 🙂

DSCF1131                                                                                DSCF1133

The entire stretch was calm and beautiful, we could also see locals fishing . The water wasn’t very deep and if at all a tsunami were to happen , we were safe 🙂 .

DSCF1134                                                                    DSCF1163          DSCF1145


we began our journey into those small waterways inside , nature embraced us, in every way , we   heard  insects, birds and were even lucky enough to spot a really long snake feasting on a frog . It was like being swallowed by another world . Beautiful 🙂

DSCF1149                                             DSCF1147

DSCF1174                                              DSCF1193

it was creepy and narrow at some places and our echoes were talking to us  !!! 😦

DSCF1156                                                                    DSCF1155                                                              our guide even let us climb some of the mangroves 😉


We saw flowers in trees, ripe fruits waiting to burst open and scatter seeds, seeds that were floating in the waters ready to plant themselves . Nature has a means for every living being that inhabits her , true to what she is called “mother nature” 🙂 i  took home some fruits ,twigs,roots – souvenirs 🙂



This was our way back  🙂 , hope you guys enjoyed the virtual tour around the mangroves, Sunderbans would be even better  !!! 🙂  Trust me friends its much more than these pics i have posted ,couldn’t do much justice i suppose . The feeling of being amidst nature ,no words can ever describe that  🙂

shruti 🙂




I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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