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I lay awake in bed thinking about the movie I just watched THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT , ” is it possible , time travel and all that ? ” I thought ,while the sweet lady of slumber was slowly engulfing me into her world .

It was early in the morning and I could hear my parents talking, I miss them so  badly,I thought . I  moved closer to hug my husband who was beside me and instead I felt someone softer ,I opened my eyes only to see my mother , I shouted in disbelief ” amma ?” she kissed me saying  ” sleep its not time yet ”  .  Oh my god this cant be happening ,can it ?

After an hour  when I got up I  heard my mom shouting about getting late , having breakfast, praying etc   . Poor me , I was in  std 1 , I looked into the mirror to see  the 5 yr old me staring back . I was so small and my front tooth, they were shaking . I saw my one and half year old sister  , my FASHION conscious baby sis running around semi naked . I burst out  laughing  if only I could  taunt her now .

I remembered a conversation I had with my husband not so long ago , we were in the same class in std 1, after which he  left school to join another . I could feel excitement filling in , I ran to the rikshaw waiting for me , my god! so crammed it was ! I saw  my old friends , I imagined their present selves . I couldn’t but smile . As soon as we reached school I ran to class . He was there  punctual as always , in his neat blue shorts,  striped white shirt ,blue tie , my husband … I blushed . He was not alone though, those naughty 5 year old boys lost in their own world . I wanted to hug , my baby !!! .

It was so much fun shouting ,screaming and  fighting in class ,Gosh ! I really missed those days .It was games period ,since I wasn’t feeling all that well , I walked back to class to take  rest, it was the hour before lunch break . He was in class , eating, now that wasn’t allowed . Seeing me and knowing how much of a complaint freak I was he got up , his  tiffin box  clutched behind him. He was surprised when I smiled and  told him I wasn’t going to complain . He invited me to share his lunch , a chance I wouldn’t miss for the world ( our first date ) . The same taste of his mom’s food ,some things never change . Your mom cooks really well I remarked , he smiled and told me he would ask his mom to keep food for me too, everyday  , INNOCENCE, that is what I  love about him, even now  . I  took out a mango byte ( my favourite candy ) and offered it to  him,it was  with me all day. I then saw the same familiar twinkle in his eyes  🙂

It was a beautiful day for me  though I never made any changes at all , I wanted my life to be as it is , I am so in love with it and everyone in it .

I woke up the next day as my 26 yr old self, my husband  beside me , I hugged him and smiled . Though I did not hear my parents talking ,I was happy to be there enjoying our early  morning talk . He started telling me about this friend he had in school, who used to give him mango bytes , who he had lunch with everyday . He said her name was Shruti too, he then looked at  me and  said with a very puzzled expression ”  wait a minute , don’t you like mango bytes , weren’t we in the same class too ? ”

I gave him one of those smiles , the one I give  whenever i tease  , ” can i get you some coffee, dii  ?” I walked over to the kitchen smiling…….



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

12 thoughts on “BACK IN TIME

  1. time travel’s is an interesting jumping off point and the ambiguity of past and present makes for interesting contrasts (knowledge vs innocence being a prime candidate). Work on your English. Your use of the lower-case subjective i, instead of I, for example, detracts from a good story. Only you can make it better.

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  2. LOVE this! What an interesting concept. My husband was a star baseball pitcher in high school. We didn’t meet until many years later and I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to be able to ‘go back in time’ as you’ve suggested to see him play.

    Nicely done.

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    1. Thank you soo much julie, it really means a lot to me . I was writing this post as a writing challenge, my husband and me , we had been to the same tutions at around the same time. But i dont remember seeing him , i wish that too at times , what if we met during school days … Thank you once again !!!

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