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A night’s tale

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The phone kept ringing continuously , though he was in bed, sleep was a distant dream. His fever subsided but not the calls . It was her parents . He wasn’t ready yet ,and doubted if he ever will . He wanted to erase from his memory every second of that night .  Switching his phone off  , he put it away. He couldn’t imagine being alone, fear was his companion now .

A week ago he wasn’t like this . Darkness never scared him . He was returning after dropping off a family at the airport . His means of earning  some extra money . And that was when he saw her , all alone waiting for a taxi  .

She got into his car , a pretty girl in her early twenties .

“ It is dangerous for girls to travel alone so late ” he said .

“ This is the first time , my first bus broke down and I missed the second ” she said .

In that short journey  lasting approximately 10 minutes, she told him how much she loved the city , her hostel , friends and the sisters there ( it was run by nuns) . As they reached her hostel he saw a gathering at the gate.They seemed to be waiting for someone . SORROW written  all over their faces .

“who are they waiting for , why is everyone so silent ? ” turning back he asked , when to his  horror he found the seat empty. He just couldn’t believe it .He stopped his car and ran over to  the gate .

“what happened here ?  ” , he asked the watchman.

“ A student passed away in an accident while returning to the hostel . It was her last wish to be buried here in the hostel grounds . We are waiting for her  ” he said .

The ambulance arrived , he could hear cries of her parents , friends whom she so dearly loved . One look , that was all he needed , it was her . She was there with them , crying and he could feel it . Sweat trickled down his face …….he fainted !!!


p.s.    this post is loosely based on a true story .




I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

3 thoughts on “A night’s tale

  1. This gave me goose-bumps, I can understand why he was so afraid – he probably thought she would come back. It adds an extra layer to it because it was loosely based on a true event. Real life is often more frightening that fiction. Thank you so much for entering. I’m really sorry for the delay in feeding back. Somehow I missed it.


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