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How good is too much love ???

“ When you are sorrowful look  again in your heart , you will see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight ” Khalil Gibran

Have you ever experienced that feeling of pain ? Well,  I have .

When we have undiluted love for someone, at times it gets to the point of suffocating the other . Not being able to live without someone isn’t healthy at all . Not for us and definitely not  for the ones we love .  Space and trust are two very important ingredients in a successful relationship.

It isn’t that easy either, specially at those times when we have a lot of  free time and the other person doesn’t .  But then it is something we need to deal with on our own . A person not being there should never influence our happiness. I believe we should use the time to do all those things we enjoy doing .  Those little things that make us smile . Let not our love confine someone instead let them be . Clinging onto someone is not acceptable and will get us nowhere. And also too many expectations should be shown the door . I really mean it  . Life is a beautiful gift not to be wasted over petty things .

Emotional detachment in a positive way , of course , will help us a lot in being passive .  By doing so there will not only be more love but also more respect . It will make them realise how lucky they are  . There will be no lies , only love ,trust and a completely honest relationship  . And such love will never ever be a source of our sorrow .

After all being in love is such a wonderful feeling and nothing can ever beat that !






I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

27 thoughts on “How good is too much love ???

  1. People who are alone are capable of real love. Because they don’t possess their lovers, they don’t disrupt other person activity.
    They are just happy loving someone, even when the loved one is not with them.

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  2. Lovely thought .It took quite a part of this lifetime for me to realise this.In freeing up the space for others you free up your mental and physical space too.Have been happier and creative ever since and have been discovering and moving in ever more expanding horizons….we are growing up i would say and it is a good space..


  3. I think love is a mutual thing, if it is one way then only it will become suffocating for other. If you are feeling that your love is feeling suffocation because of your love then you should ideally leave him/her behind, though it’s my personal opinion and vary from others 🙂


    1. Oops ! It is not entirely my story … It’s just a broader perspective on what I have been through at some point or the other. We are very much happy with each other and totally in love . I am trying to not confine him with all my love though , everyone loves their own space you know . And we really need to respect that and you will have a completely honest relationship that way . I prefer it that way 😊. Thanks for dropping by Alok , I really appreciate that .


  4. Shruti, I wish us all the best of love & the best of sanity too 😛
    No doubt love is great. But, “ye ishq nahi hai aasaan…” 🙂
    It’s tough to cope up when we face rejection or the loved one is too busy to care.
    I agree with your solutions that we must be busy & do what makes us happy.


  5. Oooh…lovely post. Can’t agree more and I sometimes have been the too much love kinda person but have realized how personal space of the loved is important and have been correcting myself ever since. 🙂


  6. I was out with a friend of mine and she was whining about her boyfriend not answering her call every ten minutes. I told her exactly this. The space is very important and very difficult to give when one of us is sitting at home doing nothing. 🙂
    If you’ve ever seen the movie Rumor Has It, I love the dialogue Jeniffer Aniston says in the end – “It is not that I cannot live without you. It is that I don’t want to.” The difference between wanting to be with someone and needing to be with someone is unbelievably huge. Something most people never realize until it’s too late..
    Great post 🙂

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    1. I haven’t watched the movie but I will do that first thing tomorrow 😃 . I don’t know but sometimes even if you do realise it early there is very little you can do about it . You need to constantly keep reminding yourself . It takes so much of our strength . Thank you so much for dropping by 😊 .


  7. Your post is somewhat timely in that while I laid in bed this morning (listening to the lovely rain and thunder crashing all around us!) I was thinking back on my life and how happy and JOYFUL it has become since I met Bill. It occurred to me that prior to that my life rarely held moments of pure joy. And while this makes me feel good, so good inside, it did give me pause just as you mention above. Our happiness must come from a sense of our own well-being; otherwise we really have nothing at all to offer to our treasured other. I like the way you think Shruti!


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