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A conversation

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Hi guys ,

This is yet another  post of mine from my student years . I was in the mood for writing a light post and this is what my brain  has come up with . Extremely light I suppose 😦

It was my first posting in the department of Oral Surgery . We were 6 in a batch and usually took turns to do the extractions . Only after an hour of viva every day were we allotted patients . Since we had a huge support system behind us I was never really worried but walking up to the patient each time did reduce me to a bundle of nerves . It was mainly because there was this list of complications  I kept thinking about  and  did not want to end up hurting someone .

And so it was my turn , my fifth extraction . Clutching the notepad to my chest I walked over to my patient . He was  in his teens and had a very badly decayed upper last tooth . I began taking the case history , we are supposed to take one before each case . It was then I asked

“Are you taking any medication or have you had any surgeries before ? ”

“No ” he said

“ Have you had any of  your tooth extracted before ? ”

Without batting an eyelid he shot back , “ no , have you done any  before ? ” …sarcasm screaming

“ Yes , four ” I said slightly embarrassed.

I quickly finished off the history and began the procedure , unfortunately I couldn’t complete it myself . I had to take my professor’s help.

It was just a conversation I had but I realised how important it was to be confident and and have it’s air surrounding you . Never let the world know of  your fears . You can achieve only when you have faith in yourself and when you believe .






I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

27 thoughts on “A conversation

  1. Oh I see… So you’re a dentist. My one cent, if a patient ever questions on your abilities, never try to assure him, rather make him fall into his own trap by replying opposite to what he’d be expecting. In this case a better reply would have been “Nah this is my virgin attempt and all my friends failed in their turns” 😀
    This works also in private practice because people tend to rely on people who can outsmart them, at least in words 😛

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  2. Did he understand you are a vyaajan (fake) ? 😀 just kidding Shruti….

    Was nice to read.

    Similar incident happened to my friend while she was teaching in a school. She was so nervous that a 1st grade student got up and said, ‘Teacher, don’t take tension.. instead give us tension!’ in hindi. LOL ….

    Anyways, hope you have learnt tooth extraction by now 😀

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  3. With my penchant for sweets, I was a perennial victim of the dentist’s chair since childhood.
    I hated the helpless position as they approached me with dangerous drills and water pumps and sucking instruments.
    I am to this date terrified of that chair.

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  4. Hi Shruti,

    This was a good read. Trust me I can come up with at least 5 or 6 posts on the importance of being confident at work place.

    So you are a dentist by profession and based in UAE. Guess I will get free dental check ups done 😀 (pun intended)

    Anyways good to know more about you. Cheers!


  5. Let me tell you a story of mine. In our neighborhood, a dental college is running. Students have to get their patients on their own for final practicals. And a student approach me for his scaling test and due to some circumstances I’ve to agree. I never had any interaction with any dentist earlier. And I’ve read that Odgen Nash poem on dentist. I was praying all the time while he was scaling my lower jaw. A student for getting his degree working on my jaw! Very dreadful time. Thank God he was good and passed with distinction.

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  6. I would have honestly asked the same thing if I saw a medical student approaching my teeth. I am soooo scared of dentists. I don’t know why. No matter how much pain I have in my gums, I suck it up and pretend it doesnt hurt so that no one drags me to the dentist.

    PS – Since you are a dentist, how long do you think I can go without a root canal ? I have dodged it for 2 years and it just pains sometimes :/


    1. Ritika to be honest , I avoid sitting in the chair myself . I am a very bad patient . If your doctor has adviced an rct I definitely shouldn’t be telling you it’s okay to postpone . It depends you know some times the tooth gradually dies and there won’t be any pain . And sometimes it just starts paining real bad that you are left with no other option but go to your dentist . Both ways its best you get it done


      1. And also it would prevent other complications like abscess and all though it does not happen always . But then at times it would just be a deep caries and you wouldn’t need a root canal treatment at all . You never know 😀


        1. So my tooth might have died ? 😦

          I know I need a root canal for sure, that was the last thing my dentist told me.. I haven’t seen him since then 😛 😛
          I am going to wait and see how much more I can postpone


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