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From Delhi to Bangalore

One compartment away from each other they sat , complete strangers ,on their way to Bangalore . Oblivious to everyone around  engaged in a silent conversation of their own.  She was surprised at how  effortlessly he brought a smile to her face  . Words were but a luxury . She would at times laugh out loud inviting reproving glances from her own parents .

Three hours earlier she was at Delhi railway station waiting to catch a train to Bangalore . Her mother clearly disapproved of her   haircut . She wasn’t happy herself ,  a recent visit to the parlour had proved disastrous for her long tresses . She stood staring into the  tracks hoping  for the train to be on time .

He was with his friends waiting for the train to embark on a journey that would get him one step closer to his dream he  nourished since childhood .

The train was on time .

Her parents were busy settling down while she got in . Not wanting to put her bag down which almost equalled  half  her weight she stood unable to open the door . He was  seated comfortably next to the door when he saw the silhoutte of a girl outside the cabin . Getting up , he opened it for her . A moment passed by as if in a trance , that was when they first met .

Three hours later they sat totally smitten . There was something about him , she could sense his vibes . The way he looked at her , it was  electrifying . His gestures , they made her laugh .

She is so beautiful he thought , her eyes , smile everything about her portraying innocence . He loved the way she adjusted her cropped hair every now and then . He longed to be with her ,  to tell her she was beautiful nevertheless . The connection seemed so strong. There was no way he could have his feelings conveyed . He knew they would never meet again .

It was time to sleep .  Reluctantly she tucked her sheet under the berth  , one last glance and the lights went off . She lay awake , her thoughts flooded by the man she just met . She knew nothing of him not even his name yet he was the only one she could think of . She was ambitious enough to not get herself  distracted from her dream .But he had done just that .

He wanted to sit up all night talking to her , getting to know that stranger who had his heart beating at a different pace . He did not want the journey to end .  He never knew when he drifted off to seep.

It was quarter past six when she woke up . She passed him on her way to the washroom . He was still asleep . She got back to her seat and waited for him to wake up . And when he did his eyes searched for her . It made her happy .  Time was running out .

Waking up with a start he turned to where she sat  . The relief he felt did not last long for he realised they had only two hours left . At a distance  he saw Bangalore railway station approach . His heart sank . It was time to get down .

She saw him wait at the door keeping it open for her . Her heart felt so heavy that she couldn’t look up . There was a paper folded in his hand . Why wasn’t he giving it to her ?, she thought  . She knew it was for her . She was waiting .

He saw her walk towards the door ,her eyes carefully avoiding  him .  He felt sad . But when she did reach him he saw the same yearning in her eyes that was present in his  . He wanted  to know his name ,give her his phone number and also know her’s  . He had it all written in the little paper neatly folded in his hand  . He was about to give it to her when her father called . She got down .

They plodded towards the exit with memories that would last for a lifetime. He saw her waiting  in the queue for taxi . She wasn’t looking . He thought she would cry . It was only when the taxi arrived that she turned around to see him . He couldn’t fathom the amazement in her eyes . She smiled . The taxi drove away . ‘ If we were meant to be , we will ‘ he thought and rolled up the window immersing himself  in the probabilities of a beautiful forever .

She could not muster enough courage to turn around. She thought she would break down . As she was getting in a sudden sense of despair set in and she turned around . It was then she saw him sitting in a bus not just any bus , the bus that belonged to the Indian Air Force . Her dream ! She smiled . Maybe it wasn’t over yet …..



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

58 thoughts on “From Delhi to Bangalore

  1. Then???? What happened later???? I want to know the rest of this true story. Excuse me! Aren’t you feeling a little down to give an end for them like this? They must have to go ahead- to a lot of miles, travelling together until both of them realize what actually it is.


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          1. That’s absolutely a negative thought! Universe is a wish granting factory, Doc. I firmly do believe in a reality of that sort rather than a few normal quotes said by somebody.


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  2. He was on the lower side of 14…. met her in a trip to Shimla-Manali… She was 12 or 13 then… they both were part of the same Kolkata-based travel group… Coincidentally her name matched with that of the beautiful place… He was young but not too young to misread the norms of an orthodox family, ways of parents belonging to old school… so, he had to be cautious before getting a glimpse of her, after all it was not so easy to bypass four pair of elderly eyes! There was no single instance perhaps when their eyes met…except for few seconds over a hanging bridge in Manali when both of their fathers exchanged few words… she smiled… he preserved it! On the last day of the trip she got a fever he came to know… with different excuses he took the staircase of the hotel up to her floor several times in the day… Once or twice she was found sitting with her father in the gallery, certainly not the apt situation to gaze. Journey ended without any ray of hope like this story here 🙂
    Then, the boy followed all those rituals of teenage-love-hurt boy… nagging his bestie with sorrows and hopelessness, everything centered around that 8-day of so called one-sided (may be) ‘love’ 😀
    They searched her father name in telephone directory but nothing worked…
    Things normalised in its own pace, own course… nobody can enjoy being a teenager forever… he grew up… With passing time his heart got rewritten with new rollercoaster rides… But the day he came to know of blessings like facebook/orkut from his colleagues/friends, first thing he did after registration was searching for an old name… She is still a 13 years hazel eyed girl with lil chubby cheeks, in an orange pullover, playing with snow balls in Rohtang pass……………….
    Sorry Sruti for penning down some uninteresting fiction down your neatly written one… and yes you missed out minor edits 🙂


  3. I have read many train romance stories, this one has to be among the best because of the flow and the narration. Beautifully written and I liked the ending, bit different. 🙂 😀


  4. Hi Shruti,

    This is my first visit to your blog!

    A wonderful short story 🙂 Hope lies eternal 🙂 Look forward to reading more of your writing.

    Best wishes,


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