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A peek into my YESTERDAY !!!

Welcome back guys 🙂

I keep doing posts every third day but it is something I just cannot help . 🙂 I feel so excited at the very thought of writing itself . Yesterday was a happy day for me, there were three reasons for my smile . They are also the stars of my post today .


We went shopping 🙂 . I love it when I am shopping for those I love . And we also got ourselves new clothes 😛




The above picture is of my brother , sister and myself taken five years back . Growing up together there are many things we share . It doesn’t matter how far apart we are or how often we speak to each other . We always pick up from where we  left . We were in a group chat yesterday after so long and I realised time and distance can do nothing to us . We are still the same old “chaddi buddies ”(sorry , no other word can do justice 😉 ) . I am not much of a gossip person neither are they but  when we get together gossiping is usually the only thing we do and it is loads of fun  * sheepishly grins *   . We have common victims too , you see . Yesterday was no different and during the chat my brother send us this photo , a reminiscence of one of those many times we brought the roof down . I could do a hundred posts on those little mischiefs we did 🙂 . Maybe I will some day .

p.s  I wanted them to share my blog space for all those wonderful times we have had and also for being there for me ,always !




Yesterday I also made banana fritters . Here ,at where we stay naturally ripe bananas are difficult to come by and only with them can you make tasty fritters . As soon as I got hold of the ripe ones I wasted no time . And I am delighted to tell you all that they got over the minute plating up was done . I just had enough time to manage one pic .


Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into my happy yesterday !

Have a nice day ,

lots of love,

Shruti .



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

16 thoughts on “A peek into my YESTERDAY !!!

  1. Fantastic post, it filled me with joy! It’s always great to get back in touch with siblings after a while apart. You get to remember each other’s habits and nuances and what makes each other laugh. It really is the essence of coming home. So pleased you’re excited to get writing. It’s such an exasperating feeling to get words onto the page. Have a great day, wishing you the best! 🙂



  2. I have something to say.. I remember when both of me and my Sis were 10 years old. We used to fight, even slapping each other ( You know childhood). now im 21, she is 19. Still when we meet, same childish spirit comes out. Our father is the person on whom we laugh too much ( I mean, father is a tough person in our home and we joke about his many things) . Even the cousins and other siblings are still like Kids to us.. Your post is relevant to my life too.

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