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Leaving behind …..



  Those times of solitude ,

   when I’m in a mood either bad or good ,

  I let my pen to freely flow,

  giving my thoughts a gentle glow .

*               *                    *

It was  months ago ,

that a little birdie,

did open  my door to, 

this world I  love ,

my world of blogs !

And since then, 

the joy I felt ,

which I still do ,

when the world reads ,

those words ,my heart –

has marked in gold ,

is not one I can measure .

*                       *                          *

Little  bits of me ,

that I wish to leave ,

when my time comes ,

for the journey beyond –

and you will remember ,

me…… forever !!!


Shruti .





I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

39 thoughts on “Leaving behind …..

          1. Oh, lol only when people comment on on my blog I do surf on their blog, I’m on mobile not pc, I feel more comfortable 🙂


          2. Nope, it’s not a condition, when you comment on my blog you get an extra bonus to visit your blog more, I will surely visit if someone comment, just to read more, 🙂 why can not consider them for their kindness 🙂

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