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Living life… the Thai way ! #1


Hi everyone,

Remember me??   🙂   It feels like ages since I came up with a post, my sincere apologies for that 😦 . First, there was a huge block  I just couldn’t get out of and then my husband took me on a holiday to Thailand, mind you I am still in its HANGOVER 😉 . Now that I have a lot to share  I am inviting you all to my blog once again. And before I start I want you all to know that I missed you guys so much. You are my family here and thank you so much for the support.

Thailand, I don’t know if you could call it the land of smiles, but yes it is one country you should never miss, NEVER. For the first few days that I was there I walked around with a dropped jaw and popped out eyes after which I kind of got used to it. We were there for 12 days and each day was an experience I can never forget! This is the first of my 12 posts (yes, you will have to put up with 12 of these ).

Things you need to know if you are planning on a trip to Thailand 🙂

  •  Visa on arrival (you can check the list of countries having visa on arrival  here)

You will require-

  1. 1000 THB for the visa and will have to prove that you have funds worth 10,000 THB per person/ 20,000 THB per family. (They never ask for it though)
  2.  return tickets and  hotel bookings.
  3.  a passport size photograph
  4.   passport with validity of not less than six months.
  5.  It would be of great help if you can take a printout of the visa on arrival form and fill it beforehand. Please recheck it and ask the security personal to check it as well. Trust me you wouldn’t want to be sent back specially if the queue is quite long.
  •  Do not exchange your currency at the airport. There are many currency exchange centres in the city where you get pretty good rates. It is always better to carry USD to get better rates but, if you are carrying INR get it exchanged at Super Rich Thailand in Bangkok, you get the best rates there. (I read it here myself)
  •  If you can please avoid taking taxis. They will rip you off. There are airport rail links which are very well connected to BTS and Ferry service. (Book hotels that are close to BTS or MRTs, you can save yourselves from getting scammed).
  •  Do not book tours online. Please read reviews of the tours operating and book it after you get there.
  •  Be on your guard always!

I think I have given you enough tips for the day.  And I do hope that I haven’t scared you already. The azure waters,  islands, caves are all  visual treats to your eyes. Bangkok city may not give you a good first impression, but you will never have difficulty travelling around. Every nook and corner of the city is well connected, hats off to the transport system, really! And, the street food, they are so yumm, I’m already missing the skewers and coconut ice-creams 😛 . While you can happily shop all day  there are just three words I have for Thailand’s night life OH MY GOD!


Thai people are a happy and lively lot who would go out of their way to help you. They like it when you greet them with a slight bow and hands pressed together(Namaste). On the other hand there are also  fraudsters (women included ) waiting to prey on innocent tourists with sweet talks and mannerisms. These people are very dangerous and it’s better you stay away from them.

Hope you enjoyed my info bits 🙂   , will be back soon with our days in the land of smiles!

Kob Khun Ka






I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

29 thoughts on “Living life… the Thai way ! #1

  1. This was so practical, helpful and comprehensive! 🙂 Looking forward to more, and welcome back 😀 Don’t be too proud that you were on vacations, I too am on vacations, ok 😛 (Doesn’t matter that you were on a trip to Thailand and I am on leave for studying for exams 😛 )

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  2. I remember that day when I graduated from high school and subsequently passed a scholarship from a Thai university. Before, I was so stupid, that I turned it down. I must have been living a Thai life now.
    No regrets, anyways. 😀 I’ll visit Bangkok or Chiang Mai (oh, the beaches) soon!

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