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Living life….. the Thai way – Day 1



Here goes an account of my first day in Bangkok. It was an uneventful one I must say. After landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi  we proceeded towards the VOA counter. We were sent back a couple of times for not having put our signatures at the correct places(well, there was no mention of it what so ever) but managed to get our visa on arrival(15 day single entry visa) within few minutes. The police officer at the desk was  too friendly for my liking which made me all the more apprehensive. In spite of being one of the busiest airports in the world, it looked totally unappealing and had the look of a building under construction maybe it was the unpainted walls.

DSCF1428   DSCF1427

The officers and staff at the airport were friendly but those at the kiosks and currency exchange booths had difficulty conversing in English. Having read a lot about illegal taxis and deciding against it we took the Airport rail link(always go for the city line which is way cheaper than it’s express counterpart)  and in no time we got down at Makkasan, the nearest stop to Nana where our hotel was. We wanted to take BTS sky train after that but because of our heavy baggages there was no other option but to take a taxi. Now, how would you feel if you saw signs saying “Beware of illegal taxis” everywhere?

You can see  army personnal flooding the streets of Bangkok. They are super sweet and helpful, really,the moment we got down they came to us, took us to the waiting room, helped us  get a cab and specifically told us to pay only meter  fare and also gave us a number to register complaints if there were any. Talk of fighting corruption, way to go Thailand Military Force! We soon realised that the meter wasn’t turned on and the driver totally refused to do so. Since we were new to the place and were not exactly in the mood for an arguement,  we ended up paying double the actual fare. But guys, if that was how a person monitored by the army was you can imagine how an illegal taxi would be?( stories coming up later 🙂  ). In no time we reached our hotel, Studio Nana.

Okay let me give you some tips here 🙂

  • Book a hotel close to BTS skytrain or MRT ( I know, I have mentioned this already but its important you see)
  • You are going to be out for most of the time and could use the money for a lot of productive stuff rather than going for a high end hotel. Trust me, there are many good deals out there.



This was our room, small and cute 🙂 . The only problem was there were no windows (who needs windows anyway!) , the real problem was the bathroom. It was too small and had sliding glass doors plus zero privacy. You couldn’t use the toilet without the other person gettin a full view of everything that was happening inside 😦 . We had a pretty good time teasing each other!

IMG_20141115_083114 (1)

We were staying at Soi 11( ground zero of Bangkok’s night life) and  the street food was too good to resist. Actually Soi 38 is more famous for it’s street food sadly we never got to go there. 😦  . Here are some pics I clicked specially for you guys 🙂

DSCF1431 There were fried water bugs,grasshoppers,frogs,larvae,roaches,worms and everything he found on his way to the street 😉  . Apart from prawns we could only manage to try Green Ant salad ( bottom left) and fried grasshoppers!

DSCF1432 We tried the chicken and skipped the fishes they looked more like zombies to me 😦  .


Can you see the beef and chicken meat balls at the top left corner? I started off with the chicken and my husband with beef and they were delicious 🙂 . And we ended up trying the entire cart 🙂 . There were also skewers of chicken liver, heart, stomach and what not!

DSCF1673 The octopus and squids were way too rubbery for our taste, phew!

Before I go, I would like to add few more things

  • We practically lived on street food all the time. The skewers were oil free and delicious.
  • The vendors were clean and also good looking and so were their stalls 🙂
  • The pans were washed after every bit of cooking or frying.
  • We had a happy stomach all the while.

That was all that happened on our first day and sleep was beckoning us with all it’s might and finally we settled in for some good night’s sleep.

Hope you guys liked reading about my first day at Bangkok. Do let me know what you feel, okay?










I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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