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Of monotony and tiger cubs! Day 8

I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.

                                                                                                                  -Peter O toole 

I am a person of contradictions. On one side when my heart craves for order and symmetry, the devil in me strives to break it. I wanted to put up my Thai escapades in order, but as I said monotony has killed the grey matter of my brain! 😦  So today it is  Day 8, our last day in Phuket.

We had rented a two wheeler for the day, which was quite risky on our part because the only two things required were a helmet as well as a valid driving license which as luck would have it we had left behind. We also had two close shaves with the police as they were present everywhere and the whole evening was spent worrying about getting back to the hotel without getting caught. Nevertheless, the day was very eventful and we had an experience of a lifetime.

Tiger Kingdom was our first stop. It is one of the best places I have ever been to. There are a number of options and packages to choose from, which is  available on their site. Unfortunately an Australian tourist was attacked a week before our visit to Thailand after which  courage was elusive and we chose the smallest tigers instead. The tiger cubs were the cutest and in high demand. But I must say, they were definitely worth the wait. 🙂

Our queue card


Tiger Kingdom is close to Patong and they have a restaurant as well! 🙂 . And  professional photographers can be hired  for 500 Thai Baht.


Doesn’t she look cute?

My husband, in one of his many hyper excited states!


The cubs were called Nani and Nana !


We were allowed to spend ten minutes in each cage. There were four tiger cubs, two of them were one and half months old and the other two were three months old. The cubs in the above pictures were the smaller ones. All they did was drink milk and sleep 😉 .


Did you see the paws? They were so clean, the tigers and also well fed. We were allowed into the cages only after washing our hands and wearing disinfected footwear.


She was one of the two three month old cubs. Did you notice the pace at which they grow? These two were pretty playful and were resting after half an hour of chasing each other, when we got our chance.

Privacy should be respected Shruti!


She kept hitting me with her tail wonder why?? 😉 .

We spent the rest of our day exploring Phuket and her beaches and yes, worrying as well 😦 .

Kata Beach, Phuket


A beautiful ending to an equally beautiful day!







I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

49 thoughts on “Of monotony and tiger cubs! Day 8

      1. Yes… Ship should part with the coast when the tide is high… Else there may never be a chance again. In case you missed it, there’s another comment (under day 7 travel post) which is awaiting moderation 🙂

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  1. Awwwww… I am going to come back to this post when I get married and force my husband to visit this place. I so so so love this. 😀 I got all excited while reading this. I would disapparate right now if you could and go to Phuket. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am extremely jealous right now. I had gone to Thailand and was supposed to meet these cubs. But unfortunately, due to floods at that time, the closed their operation and I couldn’t see them. 😦
    They look amazing!!!

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  3. Hey Shruti,

    Finally I get to see the tiger cubs. You lift it’s paw and then complain that you get hit by it’s tail. Lol.

    I think the tigers were sedated again. They wouldn’t be sleeping otherwise. I m so sad for them.

    It’s sad that you guys couldn’t lift the cubs. And yes you three (cub included) look a happy family. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He he I know Anoop. 🙂 . I don’t know okay because they were all sleeping the ones where visitors weren’t allowed. But then don’t tigers sleep? But you know three month olds were playing so much running around you know. They could never have been sedated. But they are very well cared for you know.
      Yes yes happy family!


          1. Hehe.. This is kind of my facebook. Today I came to make a post but stayed here from the morning reading stuff. I suddenly thought you found out where I work… 😛 But to be honest, it’s kind of relaxed these days.


          2. Oh is it some underground organisation or scared of loosing the anonymity factor? Anyways since this world is such a small place and specially because we are both in the same country which is even smaller sookshicho!


          3. No. It’s near the sea side. Not underground 😀 Nothing anonymous.(just kidding). I think I will bump into you guys, hopefully it’s not some park where you guys will be running around some trees.

            Have a great day.

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  4. 😀 The cubs are soo cute. And their paws ❤
    You know maybe you should get the first pic framed. It's beaautifulll!! 🙂
    The second last pic 😆 She kept hitting you with her tail 😀 😀
    They seem to sleep so peacefully.. Sigh!!

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