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Beauty is truth!

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats

Isn’t this quote a beauty by itself? I have believed in the power of truth all my life, the power it has to set our souls free. There were times when truth proved to be more perilous than I ever imagined and being truthful was what I chose to be. No, I was never proud of my mistakes and shall never be but isn’t it human to err? And trust me, it takes courage to speak the truth. It also makes us a better human being free from all fears and guilt. And our life would be much simpler. 🙂

My comfort zone was perturbed when we shifted to Mumbai after my Tenth boards. The splash of novelty in my life was good in many ways, but the effect it had on my studies was disheartening mainly because I was a good student not the best but definitely good. It was difficult for me to handle the pressure and maths soon became my sworn enemy. It hasn’t changed ever since. And I sincerely hope our kids go on my husband rather than me 😉  .  I had failed my maths internals and the look of despise that I saw on my sir’s face while he gave out the papers made me inconsolable. My confidence had hit rock bottom.

PTA meeting was scheduled to be on the next day. It was shameful enough to fail but to be embarrassed in front of my classmates’ parents was something I dreaded. That was when some boys of my class  decided to make adjustments in our mark list before it reached our class teacher. We girls joined in and got our marks adjusted as well. It only felt like a small mischief while we were at school but once I got home guilt overpowered me and I couldn’t look in my mother’s eyes. Finally, I decided to tell her the truth and save her from false joy. She scolded me not for failing the exams but for what I did to cover it up.

The next day was probably one of the worst days of my life. Our class teacher found out about the adjustments done and we were called to her room. We felt even more terrible when she burst into tears saying how ashamed she was of us. And as a punishment we were asked to kneel down on the corridor the whole day. There was no one left in school who did not know of our deeds. Soon parents started pouring in and we stood there, heads hung in shame. Luckily for me, my mother was one of the last few to arrive. Before my class teacher could tell her, my mother told her she knew already and that she was sorry for what I did. I was sorry too.

“ So our duckling still has some honesty left in her. Right Shruti?” , my teacher asked turning towards me with a  pat my back. I smiled. She smiled. Her words taught me an important lesson that day. Being honest and truthful is above everything else in this world and that is what makes us what we are, who we are and  not the marks we score or mistakes we commit in life. For it is human to err.

Whatever the consequences of my action are I now face it without the companionship of lies and therefore the ghosts of my past can never haunt me!

I am writing this blog post as a part of Indiblogger Happy Hours campaign- purity in every drop!  because like how Kinley Mineral water believes that the right to pure, safe drinking water is fundamental, I believe in truth being a fundamental part of our lives too.



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

20 thoughts on “Beauty is truth!

  1. “Being honest and truthful is above everything else in this world and that is what makes us what we are, who we are and not the marks we score or mistakes we commit in life. For it is human to err”.
    What a wonderful post, it is indeed enjoyable experience to read it.
    Wishing you all the best for happy blogging.

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      1. Shruti,
        Everything is OK?
        Because, since last so many days I have not read anything from you, is it your profession, “writer’s block” or “lack of proper idea for post” consuming your creative mind.
        Eagerly awaiting to read something from you and if you don’t want to write anything on your blog, please read my recent post, your views will be useful to many new bloggers.
        Wishing you all the best………….

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  2. Girls regret their mistakes, which boys rarely do. I mean those which are mistakes for the grown up which children do in their schools. But many times when someone openly admits the mistakes, falls to be a trap for the partners. I don’t remember whether I admitted anything, but was a victim of someone’s admission.

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  3. You learned a powerful lesson and it speaks to the character of your soul that you took it to heart and made truth your mantra. A lesser person may have instead redoubled their efforts to not be found out or other methods of deviousness.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Shruti!

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  4. Had this new year resolution some time back (with only two ‘blips’ ), in addition to ( ) and it was an…enlightening experience, to say the least. Almost lost all friends, lot of relatives hate me to their guts and of course, parents were shell shocked to know the real me which has been festering for a while. So I guess, my conclusion is that the world is never ready for truth. But if thats your thing, you should say that anyway…

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    1. I agree Tatsat, I have had my share of horrible experiences too so much so that there were times when I hesitated. But I must say being truthful and honest has earned me a lot of trust. And as I said I can always be free of guilt and fear! 😊


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