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For a healthier tomorrow!

Childhood days are, I believe, the best days of our life. The days when we can be carefree, when we can do all that we want in this world and still get away with it, unscathed. I miss those days, I really do, the days when my cousins came home on weekends, or the days when we waited for summer holidays to begin so that we could be out all day playing, cycling etc. I was a naughty kid too,I can write pages on all those little pranks that we played on our grand father, aunts and uncles( I usually left my dad alone). Even now my husband gets to hear stories of  the little naughty me, which he can never believe and never will.

One saturday, while we sat persuading our uncle to take us out the next day, my nose started feeling runny and there were bouts of sneezing attacks as well. My mother who had just got back from hospital saw my eyes all watery and  after touching my forhead and neck declared that I was having fever. “ Told you, not to go running out in the rain?”, she said, her voice stern.

She started me on antibitoics. This is what happens when you have a mother who is a doctor. A slight cold,fever or any infection and  you are put on medicines right away. She didn’t want it to worsen and she definitely wouldn’t wait. After taking the medicine I went off to sleep desperately wishing for the temperature to subside and cold to go away. I tried hiding my discomfort and wiped my forehead with a wet cloth whenever she came in to check my temperature so that I could still go out with my brother and sister. But that wasn’t the case, Sunday morning saw me more feverish than ever and because of me, my mother had to stay back as well.

That was when my other “Anti -Allopathy” aunt decided to pay us a visit. She chided my mother for putting me on antibitoics as soon as I fall ill saying it would do me more harm than good. The “Ayurvedic- allopathy war”, I call it 🙂 . She suggested that my mother give me Dabur Chyawanprash daily which would help imporve my immuntity. And I must say it worked and I became healthier and the frequency of falling ill decreased as well. Slowly dabur chyawanprash became an important member of our family.

A glance through the happy hours campaign on Indiblogger, brought back some beautiful memories from my childhood which wouldn’t have been possible without Dabur Chyawanprash. 🙂 Our age old, time tested Chyawanprash is back with a bang and I wanted to share it here on my blog, how I benefitted from the anti- oxidant, immuno modulatory properties of Dabur Chyawanprash.

In todays times, with infectious microorganisms  gaining strength each day becoming more resistant and virulent, it is very important for parents to give their children a healthy today so that they can have a healthier and happier tomorrow! Is not prevention always better than cure?

I am writing this blog post as a part of Indiblogger happy hours- healthy child-happy home  and Dabur chyawanprash for a healthier tomorrow!


I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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