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Will you be my forever?


February 14,

6.30 A.M

“Zoya, wake up, you are getting late for school,” her mother’s voice followed the aroma of sambhar that was already tickling her nostrils. She lay awake in her bed, her thoughts embracing the boy, who had so effortlessly conquered her heart. He was the reason she never missed school, not even when she was ill. It was not his honey coloured complexion or the greenish-grey hue of his iris that made her go weak on her knees, but his mischievous smile,  the one that was adorned with teeth like pearls, blunt pink lips and dimples to die for. He was intelligent, charismatic and had a great sense of humour. Her friends loved being around him, but she, she could never get rid of the butterflies dancing in her stomach whenever he was around.

Waking up, she gently kissed the red satin of a friendship band that hung from her purse. He had tied it around her wrist last friendship day. Nervous as she was, she never failed to notice that it was only her, who got a red one. It made her heart skip a beat. “Does he love me?”, “Should I tell him how I feel?”, these thoughts had made her an insomniac.

Five months had passed since friendship day. Stolen glances, occasional smiles and casual talks were all that they had between them. But the rest of the class knew of the love they had for each other, only they were unaware. Gifts were left for her most of the days, other days had her name written all over her desk, she wanted it to be him everytime she found something for her. But never asked him, for she feared, what if it was someone else?

It was Valentine’s Day, Zoya went to school, anxious as ever and hoping for her prayers to be answered soon.


February 14,

6.30 A.M

“How can someone be so stupid?”, he thought. Watching the sun’s rays sneak through his curtains to hit the vase and make a beautiful pattern on the floor was how he spent his mornings. His thoughts were never his, for they belonged to her, his beautiful Zoya. “Doesn’t she know? I have given up all that I love just to be around her ”, it made him sad, he did not know how she would react, being the quiet and  reserved girl that she was and also coming from a family like hers. He turned the pages of his diary and wrote,


Every day I write few words for you so that when you read this diary, you will know you how much my heart craves for you. You are all that I can see, all that I can think of, I wish you knew. I sent you gifts, I wait for you every day thinking maybe you will realise. Can’t you see it in my eyes? It hurts my heart to think that you can’t. Those dove like eyes and  loose strands of hair that you gently twist while you are  lost in thoughts, Oh! I could spend my enitre life looking at them, at you, Zoya. Today, I want you to know how much my heart yearns for you, how much I love you!



He closed his diary, it had “ To Zoya”,  written on it’s cover. Deciding to wait no more, he put the diary into his bag and went to get ready. “Today she would know”, the thought gave him strength for he knew,never ever shall  anyone love her like he did.


February 14,

12.40 P.M


It was the last hour at school and as usual, free. He sat with his friends discussing, never missing an opportunity to look at her. He had his diary and a rose in his hand. He was determined to let her know and as he stood up, he realised that he couldn’t move. He was never a shy boy, but with Zoya, his courage failed him. His best friends, seeing his hesitation started a countdown. Suddenly the whole class was shouting 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3..2..1. That was when she turned around and, before she knew it, he was by her side, on his knees. He held out the rose, and then the diary saying,


I love you. I always have and will always do. You are present in every thought of mine and I am sure no one can love you as much as I do. I promise to be there for you, to love you, to protect you no matter what happens. You deserve to be treated like a princess because you are one. All that I ever want is to see you happy and trust me, I can move mountains for you. Today,with all my love, I ask,“will you be mine forever?”

She couldn’t hold back her tears, her gods finally did hear her prayer. “ Yes, of course, Ady. You  don’t know long I have been wanting to hear this from you. I love you so much.”

The bell rang. The whole class that had been in complete silence, started applauding because never before had they seen such a beautiful moment unfold before their eyes. Ady and Zoya got up, took their bags and walked out of the classroom, her hand gently clasped in his,lost to the world, lost in love!

I am writing this post as part of Indiblogger- happy hours- cupid games in association with Cupid games-close up because there is no other feeling in this world as beautiful as love!






I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

49 thoughts on “Will you be my forever?

          1. Maybe you are right Brenda, I don’t know even if any innocence remains in me but that is what attracts me to my husband and all those people I like, their innocence!


  1. Bonsoir
    Mon petit passage du soir
    Dans ton merveilleux univers
    Juste pour le plaisir
    De te rendre une petite visite
    Avec la complicité de mon clavier
    J’espère que tu va bien
    Je te souhaite de passer
    Une Agréable et Belle soirée
    Gros Bisous


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    1. Hello Bernard, it took me atleast 10 minutes translating that! 🙂 I do hope you enjoyed the visit to my wonderland and thank you so much for dropping by. And yes, you have a pleasant day as well.


  2. I’ve got a little surprise for you-

    Need to send it across a looong way so will need your address asap 🙂

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  3. The sweetness and passion of young love. I like the way you brought these two characters together, and how in the end, their friends cheered them on. It really does take a bit of courage to let someone know your true feelings. It can feel like there is so much at stake; so much to gain or so much to lose. Happy endings are good 🙂

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  4. I nearly got blinded by all the love. Hehe

    I must remind you that celebrating valentine’s day is against Indian culture 😛 (pun intended)

    Well written, it was fun reading it and took me straight to school days.

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