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My blessing in disguise

You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream”

C.S.Lewis Carol

Ever since I was a child, my little heart nurtured the dream of serving my homeland. In the beginning, it was the defense forces bewitched me. But it wasn’t long before until I realised that my petite frame would be of great concern if I were to join the defense forces. It was during my internship days I met a retired civil servant while travelling home from college. Our conversation slowly progressed to the civil services and I felt as if I found my calling. After pondering over it for days, I decided to write the exam. First of all, people start preparing for the exam since school days and here I was risking my profession and my five years of toil for something that was so uncertain. It was very difficult for me at first as my knowledge of current affairs was weak and studying economics from the scratch was intimidating.

It took me an year until my dream finally seemed achievable. And above all I found it interesting. I also started faring well in the mock exams and the real ones weren’t so far away either. Unfortunately, it was also the time when my parents started searching for prospective grooms. Whenever I told them I wanted to study they would say, “you study, we are only doing what we have to”. The topic always ended there. Having total strangers coming to see me wasn’t bad but the explanations that I had to give made me feel bad. I had no answer when they asked me questions like what was I planning to do if I didn’t get through or if I was sure I will get through. One guy had the nerve to tell me I wouldn’t because none of his friends did. And then there was emotional blackmailing going on too. Suddenly the only thing my parents wanted was to get me married. I was under a lot of stress as a result of which my studies was suffering.

There was so much uncertainty around and I had already lost an year. I decided not to write the exam that year  as I had only four attempts and I didn’t want to loose any. And  I knew I would never clear the exam in such a state of mind. That was when I met my husband for the first time. After meeting so many guys, talking to him was such a relief. The first thing I ever told him was, “I don’t know what I am going to do in the future because I am totally clueless myself and impulsive as well”. He laughed it off and told me,“So am I”. That was all I wanted to hear. And since he was working abroad and writing the exam again wasn’t possible either. We didn’t want to stay away from each other. It was a tough call and I took it. But then, I knew that my dream would never go down the drain because all I wanted was to serve my people. And when you really want something you will always find a way.

Today, I feel so lucky  that we are married. One decision I am so happy to have taken. Once we settle down, we have decided to keep aside a part of our salary every month for helping those in need. And also, with time sponsor a child or maybe two. I strongly believe that there can never be anything better than having someone who shares the same dreams as yours. I also know that for my dreams to come true I do not need to clear exams, just the thought and someone who loves you is more than enough. Housing believes in the power of being together as well. Please do check out their site to learn more.



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

23 thoughts on “My blessing in disguise

  1. Shruti;
    Congratulation for writing this wonderful post.
    Like you I am too very much busy now a days and that’s why I am commenting very late on my Friend, philosopher cum friends post.
    Wishing you all the best……………………..

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  2. It’s nice post, in fact I never read such long posts,except in your blog, don’t ask y! 🙂 as a doctor you knew it.
    Your mean something on your post and worth to read it.
    Your post and my life equates somewhere and I like it how did you handled it 🙂
    Keep the good work. Give some regular visits 🙂
    I did personally check your blog for new posts 🙂

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    1. Hey, so the conversation shifted here? 😀 First of all I never read long posts either. My attention span is too short, I suppose or else it really has to grip me. And thank you so much, you made my day 😀 . Also it feels good to know that you can relate to it. The only problem is I am unable to find time to blog. I’m so caught uo with work these days, I’m missing my bloggin world! Have a great week ahead Iku! 😛

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      1. Yup thanks you too shruthi 🙂 hahaha not shifted here both are opened for discussion 🙂 once I gave a try and second and realized I can read your posts 🙂

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          1. Hahaha 🙂 in fact I never mind of pictures that catches me is the title 🙂
            Hey as an IT I know putting picture in post makes the loading time bit higher 🙂
            This is why I don’t put pictures,I always try the readers to read my blog without waiting for a while.. Hahaha 🙂 this is just for information 🙂

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