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Yours deliciously, Miss Kanafeh

I feel happy and grateful for the fact that being 27 never stops my friends or relatives from pampering  me with chocolates when they visit. What more can I ask for, the chocolate lover that I am! 😉 .

The one that’s missing is already in my tummy. 😉

Forgive me for the drifting off topic guys. ‘Happy Shruti’ always gets carried away. Aah! Nevermind 😛

Presenting to you the Levantine Beauty, Miss Kanafeh and her faithful companion, Mr Sugar syrup. I have never tasted anything more divine than the Kanafeh and keep returning for more even though the frequent indulgence costs us a fortune on the health side. Irresistible, that one is! _20150720_085134-2  Kanafeh is basically a pastry which has soft white cheese sandwiched between the two pastry layers. The pastry layers are of three types:

1) Khishnah- made from thin noodle threads

2) Na’ama- made from semolina dough ( choose this if you aren’t the crunchy type)

3) Mhyara- a mix of both Khishnah and Na’ama

The Kanafeh is always accompanied by a thick sugar syrup mixed with few drops of rose or orange blossom water which is then poured over the Kanafeh before just before eating it. There are different variants of Kanafeh, each delicious and distinct in its own way. I have tried only three of them and loved them all. IMG-20150720-WA0000-2 Can you see soft white cheese in the above picture? This Kanafeh was from a Yemeni restaurant, it was slightly burnt though. Nevertheless, it was yummy.

Such savoury delights should never be missed. If you haven’t tried it before, do it the next time you meet Lady Kanafeh and her friend Mr Sugar syrup. I will be back with more beauties to stimulate your gustatory perception, till then eat what you love and always burn them down! Love, Shruti



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

46 thoughts on “Yours deliciously, Miss Kanafeh

  1. Girls and chocolates, or women and chocolates make for an ageless combination. You are talking about your twenty seven years, well, my wife is all of fifty five years and is still very very chocolatey. I don’t have to caution you though, being the dentist that you are, you will know how to take care of those pearly whites that help you smile so confidently. I have no daughters, only two sons, and the younger one is as old as you are; so you can fill in as my daughter, shruti. The only condition, just stop calling me, ‘sir’. ‘Uncle’ sounds better. Presently we are in Johannesburg with my elder one and his wife celebrating new arrival in the family in the form of a baby boy. We will be here till early November and thereafter will return to our home in Ernakulam. Do drop in and meet us when you pass by Ekm. We will sweeten you with a box of chocolates…best wishes..

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    1. Okay Uncle! 😊 My wishes to the new grandparents! We are from Trivandrum uncle but will surely drop in when we pass by. Actually I have my paternal as well as maternal relatives in Ekm. And yes, will get chocolates for aunty too😜

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  2. I am jealous. I get the chocolate pampering too. So we are even when it comes to that 😉 But that Kanafeh thingy. It looks and sounds so delicious. I have never tasted it. Why don’t you make a trip to kerala and bring me some 😛

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