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Because nothing lasts forever!

When Bhakti and PB took me back to the world of Meredith and Derek, a certain quote caught my eye. Maybe it is because of my current state of mind or maybe not.

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You never know what happens next, one moment you are happy and the next, the very reason for your happiness becomes the cause of your pain. Poor heart of yours, what does it know?



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

43 thoughts on “Because nothing lasts forever!

  1. You always know know what happens next because our mental circuits are predesigned to create illusions before others, not us… And mind it, we are so damn intelligent and intuitive as a species that we burn our happiness in it. We pet darkness inside us but pretend to be scared of the darkness ahead! Yes, nothing lasts forever… Neither feelings nor hatred… Only actions are permanent I think… Anyway it was nice visiting your blog… Keep blogging my friend 🙂

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      1. Trust me Shruti gopinath, those signals we ignore are not worth entertaining, atleast that’s how our rationalization guides us. Sometimes catching those signals are oncogenic… Sometimes those are simply misanthropic… I loved dropping by and so I’ll be keeping an eye 🙂

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          1. Pardon me, I think I saw ‘yeti’ in another post of yours… You seem to be obsessed with a beast that doesn’t exist! Any reason? Ok, whatever… Good day.

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  2. Ente mole oru midikkiyaanu, if you are really into reading Meredith and Derek Robinson. What are the books you are reading, and do you really find time after your grinding work in dentistry? If you are able to allocate time, that’s the way to go..regards and best wishes..

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    1. Ayyo uncle, I am sorry if I misled you. I was talking about Grey’s Anatomy television series 😄. I used to read a lot back home but after coming here my reading habits have gone down the hill. I usually find time to read in between my clinic hours. And I could hardly blod when I was working, right now I am serving my notice period as my husband has got a new and much better offer in Bahrain. So we are shifting. Hope you are doing good uncle.

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      1. I am not following grey’s anatomy serial (have seen a few episodes randomly) so did not get your drift. Good luck with your relocation; Bahrain is a nice place (I have been there once some years ago). My younger brother and family are there since little over fifteen years. He is a shipping manager in Gulf Agency Company. They are now in Kerala on a short holiday. Presently I am in Johannesburg with my son and his wife; we have just had a new arrival in the family, so I will be here for a couple of months, with my wife. We are in the grandparents mode and enjoying the status…best wishes…

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  3. Love this quote di…
    The last sentence reminded me of a short story called “The postmaster” by Tagore..if you can do read it 🙂
    Its all about how we just cling on to hope even after having been disappointed so many times. All of this is a never ending cycle… It’s a beautiful story 🙂

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          1. Shruti, this post really resonates with my current state of mind, and I couldn’t agree more on that quote from Grey’s. And I have to thank hoarderofallthings for sharing that story by Tagore and its analysis. The writers take on how men and women interpret love really struck a cord, and is so true. So thank you both, for the post and the story. 🙂

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          2. Oh yes, definitely relevant. And in all honesty, this is the first piece I have read of Tagore. I may explore more, now that I have been introduced to it. 🙂
            Heheh, well, I guess we both have long usernames, so can’t complain 😉

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          3. Thank you so much Bhakti kutty.. Loved the story…😄. It is so true sometimes no most of the times we dwell in the falso hope that things stay forever, be it right or wrong. But it does end when it has to and the phantom feeling that we have will only give us pain.

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          4. 😄i am so happy you liked the story. It was a part of my 10th boards syllabus ,but the way my teachers taught us literature,it just kinda stayed with me:)
            Yes,so we have to realise that there is no point in worrying and stressing over things coz it is just going to hurt us in the end. This is something one of my friends drilled in my head 😄

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