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Tomorrow is another day!

PicsArt_1440855887710_wm (1) “After all, tomorrow is another day!” – Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the wind.

I am the kind of person who likes to live in the present and that too happily rather than spend my ‘today’ worrying about my ‘tomorrow’. It may not be a great idea always because we need solutions too. But there are times when worrying about certain things will not only get you nowhere but also create turbulence within yourself. Besides there are also times when  solutions present before you when your are calm and relaxed.

So enjoy your TODAY without worrying about what we can’t/didn’t do and losing your mind over those who don’t deserve it. Instead, learn to prioritize and give importance only to that which is deserving. After all tomorrow is another day and we might find a way. Why worry? 🙂

Be happy and keep smiling!



I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

47 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day!

  1. And hey, my comment on your Idli post is not showing up. I commented through my system, I don’t know but whenever I comment through my system they go to the spam..
    Now I am commenting from mobile. I don’t know what’s the issue.. I will sort it out.

    Have a good time.. 🙂


  2. Yes.. Very true Shruti.. We often pile up the worries and problems in our mind in such a way that our solutions to the problems becomes cloudy and we get frustrated unable to find the solution.

    Solution can be found when we are calm and relaxed and look for possible solution rather than thinking about the solution..

    After all tomorrow is another day..

    Nice post. Have a good time.. 🙂


  3. Yes, there’s a Buddhist saying “Nothing is in our control” where as we waste 80% of our energy trying to control our self anticipated randomness. It’s really positive that you realized it or at least blogged about it. Live life the “yes” way 🙂

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    1. Thank you 😀. And you are right we do waste a lot of energy on worrying about things that aren’t so worthy. But I also believe that “the way” will materialize some day and till then we might as well, enjoy! 😊


        1. Disapproval of my criticism against your blog design under the other post made me aware of your taste of comments and so I’ll refrain from doing so any further. Anyway keep blogging and happy writing!

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          1. I am sorry but I couldn’t put it up. Besides I did not have any means to let you know about it. And don’t you think it was a bit too blunt/rude. I mean I do not want anyone praising me and all but I just got offended by the way you put it. Thats all. I am sorry once again.


  4. As they say if you live in the past and crib about today , you end up spoiling your tomorrow. So as you have rightly pointed out Shruti, better to be happy with today and look forward to a happier tomorrow.


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