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Will I ever see you again?



Weeks have passed by
If not months
Since I’ve caught a glimpse of you.
Is the sun too hot for you
Or my love too less ?
Have you gone in search of divine love
Or of friends lost with time?
Will you ever call on me
Fluttering those colours of joy
Or will you just let it pass
And be strangers once again?
You have touched a million hearts
An inner peace, I cannot explain.
Will I be lucky enough
To behold your beauty
Or perish while still in your quest?
Oh! Butterfly.


I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

12 thoughts on “Will I ever see you again?

    1. I feel bad at times you know. When we were kids there were so many of them around. But these days I hardly find any and the same goes with frogs, grasshoppers and all… Or maybe I am not looking enough. sigh

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