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The Idli dilemma


Being a Keralite, it’s rather unfortunate that my sister and I share a similar dislike for Idli, Dosa and coconut chutney, the trademark of south Indian cuisine. During our school days,  there were idlis popping up from every nook and corner of our backyard. Courtesy: us 😛 . Even after all the nonplussed and innocent looks that we gave as kids, dad always knew. For him wasting food was a crime, it still is. I have to say even after 28 years of fatherhood, he is still very uptight.

It was Idli again for breakfast today. After struggling for 15 long minutes with two of them, I ran to the kitchen when I finally got a chance to throw them away. 28 years with my dad has taught me how to commit a perfect breakfast crime. As I lifted the crumbled newspaper bit from the dustbin to hide my Idli, to my surprise, I saw another one staring back at me. That’s when realization dawned, my sister was roaming around the kitchen few minutes earlier. I smiled and threw in mine to give the lone ranger some company!

No matter how many years pass by, somethings never change. And I am so glad they don’t.

My sincere apologies to

  1. Mr. Idli, Mrs. Dosa and Miss. Chutney
  2. All the Idli and Dosa lovers in this world.

And dad, I will always love you no matter what 🙂 . I must admit it feels so good to be back. I really really missed you guys 😦 .








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It’s time to be happy again!


Before I celebrated my little bloggie’s first birthday, I was rather despondent. I could blame it on my pms or on something else, but I am doing neither. Instead, I decided to be happy again and put it behind me. 😛

My husband and I are both foodies and we enjoy eating out a lot.  It is also because we get to spend time together. Sadly that hardly happens anymore when we are at home because internet plays the spoiler.  But when we are out and there is no active mobile data, it is just the two of us doing what we love, together. Sometimes I feel we should really be taken and dropped in some prehistoric era for good. I wish! Yes, the two of us share a common love for history, culture and geography too :-).

We frequent Yemeni restaurants a lot. But this time I wanted to get some pics clicked so that I can put it up here on my blog.  Now, what can I say? Yemeni cuisine is healthier, tastier, satiating and yes, affordable! Isn’t that wonderful? 😛

Yemeni restaurants are themed with beautiful landscapes of the historically and culturally rich Yemen. It is disheartening to see lives being taken away or threatened along with our rich past and heritage. And all this in the name of GOD. What a Pity! Sorry for getting carried away, a myriad of thoughts keep fighting for their share of space here. If you have been to a Yemeni restaurant before or if you are a vegetarian you might as well  skip the rest of my post but if you haven’t let me show you how it is, a traditional Yemeni cuisine.

My Di :-*
_20150803_133424_wm (1)
How I love being clicked. And there are cushions too 🙂

Another interesting thing that is the availability of private rooms where we can be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy our food without worrying about being disturbed. Isn’t that great?   People in the Middle East respect food and believe in equality before it. So we eat from one plate and that too with our hand ( I have no complaints at all).

Ta Da! Ready to gorge.
_20150803_154357 (1)
On a closer view.

Maraq or lamb broth is always served at the beginning of the meal.  We ordered Chicken Madhbi with rice and dry liver( oops! I forgot the name). There is also the famous Chicken Mandi with rice and Chicken Madfoon with rice. The rice is Basmati  mixed with spices and is same for all the three dishes which differs in the way the meat is cooked. For Mandi, it is cooked in Tandoor, for Madfoon the meat is buried and cooked under coal and for Madhbi the meat is roasted. If you are a gravy person you might  not enjoy it much but it is definitely worth a try.  Sahawiq is a tomato based Yemeni sauce that comes along with the rice. Mulawah, the Yemeni bread was also served along with a salad.  And they were all delicious, even the rice.

For some more posing 😛
Need anything? Just ring the bell.

I heard banana with milk is  very popular and so are their desserts. This time we decided to skip the desserts, though. Guilt finally caught up, I say. 😦 How can Arabic dinner be Arabic dinner without the Arabic tea? :-O

Cheers! 🙂

Oh! The feeling you get after drinking Arabic mint tea, heavenly. Coming from a non-coffee, non-tea person like me it is definitely worth a try. And with this post I am back to being my happy self again. Happy eating! 🙂



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Happy Birthday!


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Any guesses for who is celebrating her first birthday today? 😛 Yup, it is my little bloggie here. Honestly, when I started blogging I never thought I would come this far. Now that I did, I must say, I am in love with this world of words which has given me nothing but joy.   I just can’t express my gratitude for having made such wonderful friends here in the blogosphere. Thank you so much,  for being there for me even at those times when I was missing for long. I love you all and I do hope she goes on to celebrate many more  such birthdays  surrounded by all those she love.

Take care and happy blogging! 😀



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One last kiss;

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A deep sense of melancholy filled their hearts. They knew that their lives were about to change forever.

“Do you love me?”, she asked.

“I do”,

“And I do it so selfishly”. He replied, looking into her longing eyes.

As she smiled, a single tear was rolling down her cheek to kiss the back of his palm.

And then their lips met…… for one last kiss;

“If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” – Winnie the Pooh

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Because nothing lasts forever!

When Bhakti and PB took me back to the world of Meredith and Derek, a certain quote caught my eye. Maybe it is because of my current state of mind or maybe not.

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You never know what happens next, one moment you are happy and the next, the very reason for your happiness becomes the cause of your pain. Poor heart of yours, what does it know?