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Will I ever see you again?



Weeks have passed by
If not months
Since I’ve caught a glimpse of you.
Is the sun too hot for you
Or my love too less ?
Have you gone in search of divine love
Or of friends lost with time?
Will you ever call on me
Fluttering those colours of joy
Or will you just let it pass
And be strangers once again?
You have touched a million hearts
An inner peace, I cannot explain.
Will I be lucky enough
To behold your beauty
Or perish while still in your quest?
Oh! Butterfly.

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Words that flow…..

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These words that flow

Know of my heart’s woe

They know the pain

And the sacrifices made

They’ve seen the tears

And the smile

That lights up my face

When I think of you.



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Where do I belong?


I am neither here

Nor am I there.

I know not

To go where?

I long for both

Will get them not.

Either the whole of me

Or none they want.

My balance stands still

Blank is my mind.

Choose I have to

And faster that is.

I stand to lose 

Regardless of

What I choose.

The irony of my life!

My heart is crushed

An emotional tragedy.

Nothing is irreplaceable

Neither am I.

I tell myself 

Not to worry

If that is so

Home will find me!


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The petrichor and my senses


The sun retreated into his den

While drops of rain kissed the earth.

July first it was-

When I first saw you walking by.

I heard the music nature played,

Elation was when you smiled back at me.

To cross the road, when  your hand found my waist

Our first touch it became.

Oh! the smell of fresh rain brings me back memories

Bittersweet reminiscences of a monochromatic past.

But the taste of those smoky lips still lingers

On my lips……

Lips that have forgotten how to kiss!


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The yeti and my fireball!

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On a cold, dark evening,

A fireball entered my trembling heart.

Unfurling a glow my face lacked,

And the zeal that my wings craved.

Fortunate I was for its presence

For sheltering me from

My own demons.

As I rejoiced in its warmth

A yeti came along running.

He pulled away my fireball

To take it to his mountain home.

And I was left trembling,

In the cold and dark evenings to come.