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Mangalyan wishes you all a very good morning ………. all the way from Marsian orbit !!!!


24th September 2014 will go  into the golden pages of history as INDIA becomes the first Asian country to enter Marsian orbit and the first country to do so in it’s maiden attempt .That too in a comparatively economic space mission and also in 15 months . Couldn’t help dedicating this post to Mangalyan and kudos to ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation ) , the brains behind the mission and all those who had a role to play . Feeling so proud and happy 🙂 . And also thumbs up to team NAMO !!!! I could cry right now … 🙂 . Mangalyan is here to stay .Congratulations once again !!!!




I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

24 thoughts on “Mangalyan wishes you all a very good morning ………. all the way from Marsian orbit !!!!

  1. This is really a good achievement. But still Govt. should take steps to provide free higher education to talented students from low income family or provide them interest free education loan so that they can achieve things like this. When achieve, everyone say congrats, but when a poor student need help for good education, none to help, even education loan is not easily available from Banks. At the same time, think about food and shelter for the poor, reserve money from this kind of achievements to help the poor.


  2. Congratulations!
    As a non-Indian, I can only say that this is quite important not only to India, but also to humanity. The space-exploration capability should be acquainted by as many countries as possible, not just by [the same] few elites—for I believe someday this beloved world of ours will be inevitably uninhabitable.
    Again, congratulations! 🙂

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  3. They are not doing it for nothing; they are competing in themselves. Ok, concept of mars is new but we reached moon in 1959.. What good did we achieve from moon since then? I mean more than 500 missions have gone to and fro..


  4. Shruti, it was a real proud moment.. And you may see ki ISRO never disappointed us. it has launched more than 25 satellites without a single failure…
    But somehow, i feel these space trips just a waste of resources. I mean, what good can happen by discovering Mars? I am sure, we will never go there to live… I am open to change my opinion, ur views???


    1. I dont think nations would be spending money and resources for nothing . There are studies going which would help us understand our neighbors better and which would indirectly help us sustain our planet .


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