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Tomorrow is another day!

PicsArt_1440855887710_wm (1) “After all, tomorrow is another day!” – Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the wind.

I am the kind of person who likes to live in the present and that too happily rather than spend my ‘today’ worrying about my ‘tomorrow’. It may not be a great idea always because we need solutions too. But there are times when worrying about certain things will not only get you nowhere but also create turbulence within yourself. Besides there are also times when  solutions present before you when your are calm and relaxed.

So enjoy your TODAY without worrying about what we can’t/didn’t do and losing your mind over those who don’t deserve it. Instead, learn to prioritize and give importance only to that which is deserving. After all tomorrow is another day and we might find a way. Why worry? 🙂

Be happy and keep smiling!


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As you think, so you are!


Hope you are all having a good day, if not let me spread some positivity today with my last and most favourite quote of  them all. For the past 8 years, ‘The Secret’ has been ruling my life. It has made a huge difference in my life. I let negativity neither cloud my mind nor spoil my day. As far as possible I try to stay away from people  with negative vibes. I strongly believe that there is always a solution to every problem of ours.

Our mind is a very powerful tool, it attracts energy to materialise our thoughts. Always be careful with what you feed your mind. As Buddha rightly said, “As you think, so you are”.

Here comes the last quote of my three-day quote challenge,

rb Think positive, stay happy!

Ranju, I did it! 🙂



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Imperishable love!

Hello everyone,

I am back with my favourite quote number 2 of the three-day quote challenge. Ranju, once again I thank you for nominating me. I just love these small, easily accomplishable challenges. Call me lazy, I don’t mind 😛 .

quote-if-all-else-perished-and-he-remained-i-should-still-continue-to-be-and-if-all-else-remained-emily-bronte-34-62-06 Ever since I read this book, there are two quotes that totally blew me over. Maybe it is the romantic in me who fell for  them. But even after years, I still remember every word of it. And it is so true, having everything in this world would mean nothing if the one you love isn’t by your side. You lose the sense of belonging. On the other hand even if you have nothing, the mere presence of your love  gives you the joy of having it all.

This post is also for you Di, because no matter what my happiness lies in being with you.

Love you Di 🙂

Wishing you all a good day. Take care.



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You can and you will!

Hellooo 🙂 * widest grin ever *,

There are times when I need a gentle push, even if it is for doing something I love. Blame it on the hiatus or the grilling monotony of my life. So when Ranju nominated me for the three days quote challenge I took it up right away. Ranju, thank you for giving me the much needed push and for remembering me even while I was out of action for long.

Now for the rules of the challenge 🙂

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

  • Post a quote each day for three days.

  • Nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge.

So here comes my favourite quote of the day. Ta Da!

41 One of my all time favourite quotes and greatest inspiration ever. Because I do believe that when we really want something no matter how hard or even impossible it is, a door always opens. We just have to look out for the signs being sent our way and go for it. Remember, if the heart means good and if you really believe no force in the world can stop you, ever.

And my nominees are (okay, I am nominating more than 3 here) 🙂

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