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Islands, caves and hidden rooms!

Hiya! πŸ˜›

As promised and after much delay I am back with yet another Thai post. Phew! It’s time for our next trip and I am still stuck in this one. 😦 This post is on our trip to Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, my second favourite day of them all. First, of course, was tiger kingdom. This time I have saved you from my chitter-chatter and instead let the images do the talking. Honestly speaking, it’s Β been almost a year and my memory has become selectively permeable.

We travelled to Phuket by train and that too in a non-AC coach to get an unadulterated Thai feel. Unfortunately for us the idea backfired because of the rain and mosquitoes. I was up all night.



The railway stations and trains look very much similar to their Indian counterparts except for their coach interiors. They are spacious and more comfortable.

We were picked up from our hotel at 6.00 A.M. Phang-Nga Bay is closer to Phuket than Phi-Phi and the sea is calmer. Hence, it is okay to skip the sea sickness meds. Phang-Nga is famous for its picturesque limestone karst islands and hidden rooms which might have formed due to the collapsing of caves leaving it to be surrounded by limestone walls on all sides.

Limestone Cave(‘Hongs’ in Thai) explorations and kayaking are the main activities. πŸ™‚ Β The caves are accessible only by canoes and that too when the tide is not too high.



We even saw a walking fish. πŸ™‚
_20150805_143231_wm And that’s us!







This was one of the hidden rooms of Phang-Nga.


James Bond Island. Did you like our t-shirts?
Aha! That’s me again πŸ˜›
We had this beach to ourselves, can you believe it?
Nok Air (Phuket to Bangkok). Isn’t this flight a cutie?

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo tour of Phang-Nga. Do check out theΒ first,Β second,Β third,Β fourth,Β fifthΒ posts, you will love them too. Have a great evening!





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80 thoughts on “Islands, caves and hidden rooms!

  1. Go Shruti! I loved this post. So many beautiful photos of the sea and the caves. I also loved the stormy sky. I would be nervous going into the caves, but it looks like a great adventure. I’m not sure what your shirts said, but I understood them thanks to the finger pointing. Cute! Fun plane. I’ll have to check the rest of your vacation! Right now, I must go start my day. – Robin 😊

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  2. First, a question. Why do all the places start with Ph- ?? :O
    Second, another question, where is the walking fish? I searched the entire page 😦
    Third, high pitch, Awwww those tee shirts are super-cute! πŸ˜€ Neeyum Super-cute πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Its phi-phi actually. We visited Krabi too but I didnt find it as scenic as phi-phi . Vacation was awesome though a short one. Did you get to stay in Phuket ? I just love that place to bits.

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  3. Keeping everything ar bay
    Sun ray(s)
    Invited us to
    Phang Nga Bay
    Limestone cave
    Memories you gave
    On the beach
    We lost in us

    Seems like a mysterious place:P Lovely pics shruti:)


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