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Treasures from past ….

Chapter 9 from team: Wordoholics

 You can read the previous part of the story here .


Night was yet to fall ,Jennifer sat in her balcony trying to absorb the fast paced city that had welcomed her with open arms . Lost in ponder on the events of her past week she failed to  realise her fingers getting entwined with the loose strands of her hair displaying the beautifully decorated tattooed unicorn on her right hand . Her toe ring  against the metal railing was singing  a song of it’s own .

It was not just the monsoons that she missed ,the  saline air  caressing her body as they took long strolls at the beach , watching the sun go down kissing the gentle waters ,all reminiscences of those amazing times she had with her grandparents , times her little heart yearned for . Oh how much they loved the sea , all three of them . Her grandfather’s hand over her grandmother’s jewelled with shells strewn all over the sand, the very first picture she took , the one still safe in her purse , her treasure . “ I have to find a new house ” , she thought .

She opened her laptop in search of new apartments where she could feel close to the two most important people in her life . There were so many , the whole idea excited her . Change , prospectives of a new life thrilled her and her new boss seemed so nice , like a sister she never had . Her lips curved into a smile , that which had become alien to her grief stricken face . It didn’t last long  , a myriad of emotions gripped her -loneliness because she had no one she could call her’s , guilt for having been so unforgiving ,her longing for Darius which couldn’t be swallowed by his betrayal ,apprehension of what life had in store for her and also the triumph of being an achiever . If only there was someone, a friend , whose shoulder she could cry on for hours removing the mask  carefully glued to her face,someone who wouldn’t be so judgemental instead be her pillar to which she could hold on to and not sink in her own sea of guilt.Yet there was someone and from deep within those tiny chambers of her heart , she saw him smile ….. her Darius .

Dreams of the girl had taken a toll on him , insomnia was making it’s way into his life .All he wanted was a good night’s sleep .He lay in bed wide awake and with the dim shade of  street light creeping into his room , he saw a small box marked “My Treasure Chest ” sitting on  his neat pile of Law books . Those priceless memories , he wanted them near , always . He walked over to the table ,ran his fingers along the gold painted edges of the box and gently clicked it open . A girl in her teens  with sparkling brown eyes  and  hair twisted into plaits stood smiling at him . She was wearing a white pleated shirt and  checkered red skirt  and next to her was a boy , the 13 year old Cyrus . His eyes clearly betraying the mischief they just plotted . Just when he was lost in thoughts she called , Tina his best friend , the same girl who had taken him back to his school days only moments ago . He excitedly told her about the upcoming conference in Mumbai and Jennifer . Beside him lay a ticket to Mumbai …..

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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I am a dentist trying my hand at writing. I am here to let my thoughts unravel!

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